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  • Catholic Charities Maine Refugee and Immigration Services - various forms: Authorization to Disclose Information; Client Program Agreement; Consent for Release of Information, Family Guarantor Agreement; Responsibilities of the Family Guarantor; Early Self-Sufficiency Program Agreement; Month to Month Rental Agreement; Notice of Privacy Practices, etc;
  • Maine Medical Center, Division of Rehabilitation Medicine, Occupational Therapy: "Energy Conservation/Work Simplification Tips for Heart Patients";
  • Maine Medical Center: "Notice of Health Information Privacy Practices" (brochure);
  • Maine Medical Center: "Patient Accounts, Financial Policies" (brochure);
  • Maine Department of Behavioral and Developmental Services: "Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services";
  • State of Maine: "Information Sheet for Persons with Physical Custody of Refugee Children Separated from Their Parents";
  • City of Portland Maine, Department of Public Works: "City of Portland July 2001 - June 2002 Calendar";
  • Portland Maine Public Schools: "Student Led Conferences, Parent Survey";
  • Maine Department of Human Services: "ASPIRE" (ASPIRE is a program within Department of Human Services that helps people who receive TANF benefits find work and become self-supporting.); "Low-Cost or No-Cost Health and Dental Insurance for Families with Children" (Medicaid and Cub Care: explanations of insurance benefits, how to apply, etc.)
  • Maine Department of Human Services, Bureau of Elder and Adult services: "Resources for Older People in Maine" (brochure);
  • Community Counseling Center: various documents for Refugee and Immigrant Case Management program including Notice of Privacy Practices (brochure);
  • ILAP (Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project): brochure about rights and responsibilities of immigrants and other general information;
  • WMPG Radio: numerous articles for their "Crossing Borders Series" (topics: prenatal care, breastfeeding, lead poisoning, dental health, dangers of second hand smoke, automobile passenger safety for children, fire safety, etc.)
  • Various personal records (birth and marriage certificates, medical records, changes of names, diplomas, etc.)